I want to migrate to Australia, what should I do?


I want to migrate to Australia, what should I do?

This is the question that we hear on daily basis. The answer is not simple and can’t be prepared as the “universal recipe” that we provide to clients. That is the reason of Migration Agent profession exists – the complexity of each individual visa journeys of people intending to migrate to Australia.

First of all, at GEMZ Migration we base our advice on your individual circumstances. Currently Australian Visa system contain almost 100 different visa subclasses. Each one has different eligibility criteria. The visa that you think is the best option for you, may not in fact be. You may not be even eligible for it or prospects of successful outcome may be very low. We assess your individual situation, listen to your expectations and discuss your options to find the most appropriate visa option for you.

Secondly, we know the law. We are required by professional standards to be up to date with all the law changes. We studied Australian migration law and we base our advice on the legislation.

Thirdly, we lead you through the process from start to finish. We are here to make your migration journey as smooth as possible. You will not have to spend hours on trying to figure out next steps in your application, we will lead you through it. From choosing appropriate pathway, collection of relevant documents and evidence, lodging visa and monitoring progress of the application – we will be with you all the way.

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