Employment Visas

Temporary Skills Shortage Visa – Subclass 482

The TSS visa – Subclass 482 consist of 3 stages:

  1. Sponsorship – the business must become approved Business Sponsor (generally valid 5 years)
  2. Nomination – after recruiting the right applicant for the position the sponsor nominate the visa applicant
  3. Visa Application – the applicant must lodge the application according to the approved nomination and meet the requirements for grant of the visa

The TSS visa can be granted Short Term, for up to 2 years (without Sponsored Permanent Visa pathway) or Medium-Long Term, up to 4 years (with possibility of PR pathway), depending on the occupation.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme – Subclass 187

The RSMS visa is permanent visa option available to people who have a job offer in Regional Area in Australia.

The RSMS visa consists of three stages:

  1. RCB Certification – Regional Certifying Body must ensure that position is genuine
  2. Nomination – the Departament of Home Affairs review the position and business
  3. Visa Application – the applicant lodge the application under appropriate stream

There are three possible application pathways for an RSMS visa:

  1. Temporary Residence Transition: where applicants have worked with the employer on a 457 visa for the last 2 years or 482. In this case, no RCB certification is required.
  2. Direct Entry Stream: the position will need to be certified by an RCB. Applicants in trade occupations may require a formal skills assessment.
  3. Agreement Stream: where the employer has a Labour Agreement
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